In the beginning of 2018, the TU Delft presented a new strategic framework for the coming years: the Strategic Framework 2018-2024. This Strategic Framework serves as a high-level compass for TU Delft, and provides guidelines for the myriad decisions, both big and small, that are taken in every part and level of the University.

An important note is that this strategic framework has a rather high level of abstraction. The reason for this is that TU Delft is active in many areas and engages in so many different activities that a framework that sought to address each of them separately would quickly collapse under the weight of too many detailed sub-strategies. Those sub-strategies are therefore developed in separate, more specific strategy documents, like the recent ‘TU Delft Vision on Education’ and the ‘ Campus Vision’.

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Excelscope 2.0

Excelscope 2.0

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An AI microscope that detects malaria parasites