Xiaoling Lin


I am a product and service designer who graduated from Hunan University and continued to study for a Ph.D. in Information and Interaction Design at Hunan University. I have focused on the link between society and people since my undergraduate years. Believing that the disassembly and reorganization of information and knowledge will promote the user experience, my research focused on the uneven distribution of resources and lack of manpower and design products by decomposing of public resources into private intelligent kits, such as medical experience design and children sex education issues. My undergraduate graduation design is a self-testing medical service kit design and continue my study focusing on the impact of knowledge level on user experience and trust. Now I’m developing customized vaccine appointment and information inquiry services to promote the COVID-19 vaccination rate. In addition, I’m working with non-profit education organizations to develop smart tangible game kits for children's sex education and high school youth selection of college majors by decomposing knowledge through design methods.