Sultan El Halabi


As kids, we used to go by around asking questions. That is how it started... a question, that later became a realization, that later became a habit. The question was, who created these tall things above my head? As a kid I started copying those structures using my favorite toy “Lego”, my imagination captivated me to create different forms based on my feelings as a child. My mind started realizing that the masters behind those things above my head, were architects. I later formed a habit of virtually creating my forms using another game “Minecraft” aside from what this game initially was made for, I used it as a beginner mean of “SketchUp” to create my visions. I wanted to illustrate my feelings through forms. Due to my endless love of traveling, I reached to me seeking aspiration from re-knowned architects that left a mark that was enlivened through time. I don’t have a specific architect to be labeled as an ‘idol’ of mine because i like to learn and broaden my knowledge from all of their theories and ways of thinking. My perfect way of describing architecture is that it allows me to transform my fantasy into reality. My vision is to be able to give people the missing satisfaction to fill their gaps.

"Architecture to me is like a plane and the world is an endless runway." -Sultan El Halabi