Roya Ramezani


Roya is a San Francisco based interdisciplinary designer and story teller, currently working at JPMorgan Chase & Co as a design strategist. She has a Physics and computer science background with a bachelor’s degree from the York/Sheridan Program in Design in Toronto, Canada. After 4 years of honing her skills as a visual thinker, she moved to NYC to pursue her MFA at products of design program at SVA. Exponent is the product of her one-year long master’s thesis project. Her favorite human is Ada Lovelace and her favorite poet is Rumi. Her interests span a wide variety of areas such as interaction design, data visualization, communication & graphic design, motion graphics, and photography. She mostly focuses on designing products and experiences that inspire people to do what inspires them. She’s constantly exploring and deepening her identity as a designer and is specifically curious about learning more on the world of human computer interactions.