Reem Selo


I am an Interior Designer aiming to design a child-friendly free day school within a wellness center for traumatized Syrian refugees from the age of 6-18 living in Istanbul Turkey. More than half of all Syrians have been forced to flee their homes and move to Turkey. Over 2 million children of Syria’s child population is out of school and 1.3 million children are at risk of dropping out. The vast majority of Syrian refugees live in Istanbul, which is where the school is going to be situated. Those youngsters who have endure are encountering incessant worry because of financial issues, misfortune and instability, because of the war they had to flee and take asylum in Istanbul. Furthermore, those are just some of the most common side-effects of war on children. Thus, the goal is to create a school which provides safe grounds, meditation rooms and counseling will impact traumatized children’s life tremendously. The school focuses on the wellness of the child by providing counseling and meditation rooms. Also, the school has education as important as wellness, which provides 5 classrooms in the building. Lastly, the school similarly provides a huge playing area for the students outside but close to the school premises.