Ravi Kaushik


Ravi Kaushik is an Entrepreneur. He graduated with a master's degree in environmental science and engineering from IIT Bombay in June 2019. He has developed a novel technology that can capture air pollutants in water. Later on, he collaborated with Abhinav Saxena, an Industrial design student, to design a modular air purification system called Samarth. Ravi Kaushik firmly believed in social entrepreneurship and impact creation, so he started this startup, Airth. Airth focuses on advanced air purification technologies. Airth is currently working on COVID-19 problem and has already developed new patent filed and tested technology to deactivate pathogens and purify air. Airth is helping businesses to provide pathogen-free and clean air to their customers and employees through worlds' first Antimicrobial Air Purifier.