Nelson Quintanilla


I am a Strategic Designer who has finished his studies at Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera this year. As an emerging designer, I really believe in the power that critical thinking, innovation and teamwork can have in our society, I think that looking beyond our horizons and including a variety of perspectives when we're creating new projects guarantee that these solutions really satisfy users needs in an integral way.

Through my years of studying, I´ve had the opportunity to develop projects for different clients and organizations, such as banks, supermarkets, social organizations, educational institutions and so on, by using different methodologies and design tools. My main Design contributions include a variety of projects about nature's importance, Branding and solutions to create learning experiences for digital education. My main interests are innovation, visual communication, Human-Centered Design, UX/UI and education, for that reason, I look to continue learning about innovation, storytelling, and different tools that help me to improve my skills and help others through new projects.