Mizuki Tanahara


I studied movie and interactive art in Ritsumeikan University(Kyoto, Japan) and I learned creative coding(processing, arduino etc) After working advertisement planner and sales at digital Advertising agency.
Then I began to interested in digital literacy. Now I research that and do artwork at the master’s course in IAMAS(Gifu, Japan). In 2017 I joined Interface Culture program in Kunstuniverstat Linz(Linz, Austria)as an exchange researcher.
My main project theme is Filterbubble. Filterbubble means isolated groups in which it is difficult to make new discoveries and we are only shown information close to what we already know and the opinions of people who think like we do. This gives us the mistaken impression that our idea is the majority, and our biased viewpoint may cause us to censure others.
One of this cause is the personalization algorithms used by search engines like Google and media like Facebook . So I want to encourage users to choose what personal information they share and do not share and to think actively how they want to use the internet.