Mario Bernardi


Born in 1992, is currently a PhD student in Nanoscience at Scuola Normale Superiore. After graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering (BSc) and Nanotechnology Engineering (MSc) in 2018, he developed mathematical models oriented to biomedical applications based on atomistic simulation techniques. In light of his expertise, he moved to University College Dublin where he was Involved in the early-stage development of 2020 IChemE Global Award-winning start-up AquaB. Towards the end of 2019 Mario came back to Italy to join the laboratory of Francesco Cardarelli to become an expert biophysicist in the context of nanomedicine and the physics of the living cell. While carrying out his experimental research activity, he also enrolled in a scientific MBA with Collège des Ingénieurs (Italia) from which he will graduate in 2023. His passions include backpacking, swimming and history/philosophy books.