Manda Roy


Manda Roy recently completed her Bachelors of Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver BC, building onto her past education in Interior Design. Manda aims to educate, empower, and engage through design, as her ethos are strongly rooted in human connection. Honouring the minimalist mindset, Manda truly understands that each and every object that one chooses to invite into their lives need to make sense on a multitude of levels, as it reflects the lifestyle of the user and the world around them. For Manda, that means designing products that support human behaviour and better the small day to day interactions by exploring the why and how behind the way things are designed. Her passion lies in home and hospitality goods, lighting, and systems design.Manda continues to nurture her curiosity as she brings her philosophy to life, and shares her message about conscious consumerism.