Keisuke Shimakage


In 2013, when attending a university in Tokyo, began to research and develop the glasses-like device “OTON GLASS” as an aid for “reading” that changes visual character information to sound, motivated by his father’s dyslexia. In 2014, entered the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences and in the same year established OTON GLASS, Inc., assuming the post of CEO. Currently, Shimakage is engaged in research and development of the OTON GLASS with the aim of commercializing it as a device that extends reading capabilities in various situations where reading is difficult, such as for dyslexia and people with weak eyes, and for visitors to foreign cities. His major awards include the “James Dyson Award 2016 (third place national runner-up),” GUGEN 2016 Award,” and “YouFab Global Creative Awards 2016 Grand Prix.”