Henning Marxen


"My name is Henning Marxen and I am studying Integrated Design, Master, at the University of the Arts, Bremen, Germany.
In my opinion, design is not just the craft of making things pretty but rather the science of recognizing and solving problems, may these be of practical, ergonomic or aesthetic nature. Intuition is of course crucial for a designer, but the self-reflection, the ability to justify the own decisions, the act of associating the own work into an economy, an ecosystem and a culture makes the difference between design and styling. Real innovation is hard. To achieve it, a designer must scrutinize even the most basic aspects of a product. For example, the question is not: “What is the best power drill?” but “What is the best way to get a hole into a wall?” This approach certainly does not guarantee a revolutionary product, but this step cannot be skipped if one wants the chance for true Innovation."