He Chang (Alex) Teo


Alex is an industrial designer who is known for his ability to translate research insights into innovative and measurable outcomes. He wishes to transform lives through uncovering latent needs and solving problems never solved before. He aspires to create irresistible, user-centered products and orchestrate delightful user experiences that bring value to society and drive businesses.
He consistently challenges himself to do more. His B.A. (ID) thesis dealt with cross-disciplinary knowledge in mechanical engineering and additive manufacturing. He was awarded the NUS Ph.D. Research scholarship to further develop his research.
Evident in his focus on industry-partnered student projects, he loves the challenge of coming up with insight-driven designs that are grounded in feasibility, yet conceptually refreshing. As a reflective practitioner, his fierce curiosity drives him to unfold and discover versatile perspectives, allowing him to draw meaningful connections between research insights and the fuzzy front end of conceptual ideas.