Grazina Bockute


My name is Gražina Bočkutė and I am a recent industrial design graduate in Vilnius Academy of Arts. A multidisciplinary designer mostly interested in the fields of electronic design, product design, and graphic design. During my studies I created a wide variety of products : starting from souvenirs and furniture pieces, later continuing in electronics - from concrete speakers to wearable social robots. Different human behaviors inspire me the most and I also find myself irritated by a lot of products/situations/etc, therefore I enjoy thinking how these can be improved or changed. I have great passion for human-centered design, I see myself as a team-oriented, extremely curious, loving, creative, an open-minded person.

This past year I have kept my focus on people with disabilities, specifically the visually impaired. The main research took almost a year and a half before I decided on the final idea for a product which I've materialized as my final bachelors' project.