Cul(ver)ture Housing Restructured


‘Cul(ver)ture’ was formulated within Unit 11 of the University of Johannesburg’s Graduate School for Architecture. Part of the Unit’s aims are focused on finding entrepreneurial means for the private sector to supplement and provide much-needed affordable housing, for which there is a substantial backlog due to a lack of government resources. ‘Cul(ver)ture’, is an exploration of prefabricated structural systems, which work as an alternative to the labour-intensive in-situ construction methodologies predominant in South Africa. The project explores the adaptation of “shop-bought”, prefabricated concrete culvert systems originally designed for bulk water infrastructure as habitable living spaces. The system developed creates flexible, adaptable, economical and modular living spaces, and pushes the limits of the question, “How small is ‘small’?”, when considering micro-apartments. Within only 8m2, the unit provides basic infrastructure and allows for furniture and fittings - beds, toilets, showers, kitchens and storage spaces.