Cansuelo Cano


Industrial and graphic designer with knowledge of Conceptual and Engineering Design for where I use formal and constructive aspects; technical, functional, ergonomic for a better use of products.

First Place winner in academic achievement and in other design competitions, achieving expose many of my product designs in exhibitions organized by PUCP University from 2011 to 2015. I have participated in different International Workshop taught by teachers from USA and France, in Metals and Jewelry Design, Emotional Design, Form, Function and Delicacy, Design and Digital Prototyping.

I work as a teacher of graphic design at Toulouse Lautrec and in the electronic faculty at PUCP University where I teach product designs. Years ago, as graphic designer I worked in agencies recognized in design, as Axis Consultants in Image and Strategy, Infinite Consultants, and also at Editorial Norma - Carvajal Corporation.

Finally, since I finished to study Industrial Design, I have participated in several research projects in engineering and design, in which I work until now.

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