Anoushka Garg


Anoushka Garg is a service and interaction designer at Fjord where she gets to play many roles like a design researcher, a prototyper, a workshop facilitator or sometimes even a resident clown. She’s an advocate of the iterative process of design and enjoys every phase– research, concepting, designing etc.– of the project equally. Her background as a branding consultant helps her think strategically and allows her to look at challenges both from a bird’s eye view and through an ant’s perspective. Her works ranges across many industries like telecom, pharmaceuticals, public service and governments to e-commerce. Prior to a masters in Interaction Design at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), she trained as a graphic designer at the National Institute of Design in India and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Armed with a goal to understand the relevance and implication of emerging technologies in helping us form richer, more human and multidimensional relationships, he recent projects focus on the interplay of physical and digital and explore artistic applications of machine learning, generative/creative use of AI.