Anna Eliza Gwiazda


I am a product designer, I studied in the faculty of design, as well as pedagogical studies, and graduated with honors and a Master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
In my opinion, the most important aspect of design is the target user. With the help of design methods, I select people and cases of behavior which, in my opinion, have not been properly cared for by designers. For the past several years I have been cooperating with psychologists and therapists during the design process. I am interested in design created on the basis of knowledge about the human psyche. I see an opportunity for global change both in responsible design for children, at the most critical moment of human development, as well as in facilities for adults. I also redefine everyday objects, in order to find undiscovered values in them. I am also interested in designing objects, that engage the human senses, encouraging reflection on the world of objects that we are surrounded with on daily basis, and yet we do not notice them in a conscious way.