Allaa Kammel


I’m a Graphic and Interaction Designer whose passionate about design and creating projects that has a social impact based on deep and detailed research with the aim of contributing positively to the society utilizing my skills. Sexual harassment is a serious occurring problem in Egypt. It ranks first in the Arab World; 42% reported verbal harassment and 29% reported physical harassment across genders. Step up society is an application designed as an initiative to help decrease those numbers and helps citizens across the globe identify safe and dangerous areas in their countries to be able to stay safe. The safety is insured by providing multiple tools to report assaulters and providing a color coded navigation system that allows user to identity safe/dangerous areas alongside help from volunteers joining the application that can accompany users to their destinations. Joining the society squad means you could help others in high-risk areas against harassment situations, each user has emergency squad which are the top trusted contacts that would receive your location in case of emergency. Users can pin their location and submit their experience in the said location which is classified into; Sexual harassment, verbal harassment, cat-calling, being followed, indecent exposure and sexual gestures. Submitting the experience could be with pictures so that it could work as an evidence in case the user wanted to file a case to the police with the exact information and pictures of the harasser.