Agam Arora


Agam Arora is a Play and User experience researcher, is currently consulting Google on a year long project. As a UX researcher and convinced with the magical powers of Play, Agam finds answers to complex research problems by designing engaging and playful research studies for the participants.
Agam has studied engineering and briefly worked as software engineer before he went for his masters at National Institute of Design, India. He graduated as an Industrial designer with specialization in Toy and Game design.As a design student Agam successfully worked on complex design problems and created design solutions to empower young Indian women and created delightful solutions to promote Intellectual property rights amongst artisans and entrepreneurs.
In 2015 Agam was shortlisted for Living Blue design anthropology fellowship and successfully designed a tool to help artisans who pursue embroidery as their means of livelihood. In 2016 Agam was shortlisted by UNDP for its Global Goals Jam initiative and designed a playful solution to create sensitization on Gender perceptions and gender discrimination. As a designer Agam loves to play and create prototypes using different materials specially paper and clay. Agam loves to teach and occasionally visits design schools for short design workshops.