Abd El Rahman El Kaderi


I am a computer science student acquired a full scholarship at AUB; I am highly skilled at Collaboration and Teamwork, Communication and Negotiation, Public Speaking, Creativity & Problem Solving, and Project Management. I first started my entrepreneurial journey when I initiated a project called Cycland in a competition called Ripples of Happiness by INJAZ Lebanon. Afterward, the startup ecosystem started booming in Lebanon where I became a member of (CRInn) at AUB. Furthermore, I participated in INJAZ Lebanon Innovation Camp in partnership with Berytech where I won the 1st place for solving the business challenge. I then founded a new startup named WeGlo which is a non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring device that can accurately predict hyper/hypoglycemia before they occur. My startup took place in the Startup Campus Competition held by the UK Lebanon TechHub and I was able to make it to Altcity Bootcamp incubator, where I eventually became a member of their Community Leaders Program. Moreover, I took the initiative of founding the Lebanese Food Bank Club at AUB in collaboration with the LFB NGO. In addition, I took place in different competitions. I was the founder and the team leader of Proceed which is an educational game that took part in the UNHCR Hackathon in Beirut. I also founded an educational application that incentivizes people to sort their waste which was called Sort-it-out. This latter took place at the ourMENA hackathon at AUB. In addition, I was a project manager and a team leader at HULTprize of a startup that helps refugees showcase their talents called Lagee'. Furthermore, I took place as a startup mentor in the Startup-sprint at LIU powered by BootCamp. As a result of my experience in the entrepreneurial life and the startup ecosystem, I initiated and became the team leader of a Community Based Project that supports youth in Tripoli by giving them guidance and skills needed to start their own digital business.