The Scales Project

The Scales Project provides a new way to minimize the ecological impact of recreational fishing.

The design combines a safe and practical landing net with an engaging smartphone app that simplifies the catch-and-release process for anglers. Common knotted fishing nets can cause extreme harm to fish scales and require additional tools for measuring the fish. The Scales Project net is made of soft, natural rubber and allows anglers to hold their fish safely and securely against markers that measure the fish’s size. This enables anglers to make a quick decision to either catch or release the fish. The accompanying app allows users to log and record their catch, collecting data on the size, species, location and the catch-or-release decision. The app also provides anglers with a platform to share their catches online, educating others in the process, and reshaping the culture around recreational fishing. The Scales Project brings catching with a conscience to the next generation of anglers, ensuring the long-term sustainability of this age-old past time.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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