Puzzle Zoo

Downhill Skate is the combination of a longboard and a go-kart that allows users to skateboard on flat surfaces but ride safely down steep hills.

Puzzle Zoo is a game based on modular wooden pieces that children and parents can assemble to create endless characters. The system is designed for the construction of nine pre-defined animals and one pre-defined human form, but from here the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a huge range of hybrid creatures. The pieces’ silicone joints allow the free movement and articulation of each character’s body parts and hold them in the user’s chosen position. Once the characters are built, they can function on dolls or puppets in any game or scenario that the child chooses. Puzzle Zoo aims to help the development of children’s fine motor skills and creativity. Its modular system encourages original combinations, so that playtime is different each time and children stay consistently curious.

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru


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