Noko is an intuitive device designed to enable natural contraception.

It works by measuring the user’s basal body temperature to determine whether she is ovulating. Noko communicates this information through a simple two-colored interface: green indicates that the user is not ovulating and thus requires no contraceptive protection. On ‘red days’ the user is most likely to conceive and thus should use contraception. Waking the user with individually adjustable signals of tone and light, Noko’s simple measuring method allows minimal sleep interruption – supporting a healthy sleep schedule for woman, whether or not they intend to conceive.


Moka is a device designed to prevent people from contracting diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

It attracts and vaccinates the mosquitoes by introducing an antibody, inhibiting their ability to spread diseases. Once inoculated, viruses carried by mosquitoes can no longer be transmitted from one human being to another as they can’t migrate from the stomach to the salivary glands. By removing the danger at its source, Moka can provide essential aid to the numerous countries losing the fight against mosquito-spread diseases, while simultaneously protecting the mosquito population itself.

Folks Kitchenware for the Blind

Folks Kitchenware is a system of kitchen utensils designed to aid the blind.

The system is designed to reinvent the kitchen as a tactile environment in which the sense of touch is as important as sight. It includes retractable guards for sharp knifes; a chopping board side tray that acts as an extension of the hand for transferring ingredients with less spillage; stove rings that accentuate the burner’s boundaries; and a buoyant teaspoon to warn of impending liquid contact. By leveraging sensory feedback and haptic cues, Folks Kitchenware enables the blind to prepare food safely and with confidence.