Proback is a supportive aid designed to enable good posture for caregivers required to move patients with motor disabilities.

Physical activities undertaken by the caregiver may include bathing, dressing, rotating and transferring the patient – physically demanding jobs for which there are limited resources for support. Proback is a muscular support that fits the lumbar area with a memory foam pad, forcing the spinal column to maintain its natural position. An elastic band holds and reinforces organs and muscles without damage, while springs and belts held around the leg allow an easy return to a regular standing position. Proback provides the caregiver with maximum confidence and freedom, and consequently encourages the support of patients.

The Loss of words

The Loss of Words is an online platform that preserves the cultures of endangered languages.

According to some estimates, a native language goes extinct every two weeks. With it, entire systems of communication, understanding, and culture disappear. The Loss of Words is an online system designed to document and preserve indigenous dialects. The platform is dedicated to both language and culture: users learn to write, read and speak through vocabulary and grammar exercises, while information on the art, culture, and literature of the society helps to place the language in context. The Loss of Words provides an accessible means to conserve languages and preserve culture.


MoonPads is a collection of sensory tiles that guides children with developmental disabilities through games and activities.

Constructed from soft and flexible silicone and designed to be customizable, MoonPads use lights, sounds and vibrations to engage and direct children through activity-based therapy sessions. Therapists can modify the light, sound and vibration settings on each tile to maximise comfort for the children. Providing aid and entertainment, MoonPads highlight the communal advantages of empathy in the design process.

Kanga – mobile resuscitation kit

Kanga is a mobile resuscitation kit that aims to streamline the process of resuscitating infants born with breathing difficulties.

One million babies die each year due to a lack of oxygen at birth, with 99 percent of these cases occurring in low-resource communities without access to hospitals. Kanga enables a flexible resuscitation space while keeping the mother and child close, so that caregivers are not forced to choose between the care of the mother or the care of the child. It assists the midwife by providing visual feedback, indicating when to halt or persevere with ventilation. Simple instructions on the blanket guide the user through the steps of resuscitation, while the dedicated Kanga app collects information on the process, providing critical data and encouraging a culture of training based on real-life feedback. Kanga has the potential to decrease time to ventilation by up to 48 percent, dramatically increasing the chances of the baby’s survival.

360° Underwater Toy Action Cam

The 360˚ Underwater Toy Action Cam is a children’s recording device for underwater use.

With four separate attachments, named after the four basic calculations (+, –, x, ÷), the camera enables the child to record activities in the style most suitable. ‘+’ is a cross shaped handle, for capturing various angles. ‘–’ links around the arm like a band, allowing hands-free use. ‘x’ has two ring handles, for stability and control. While ‘÷’ positions the camera upside down, and allows submerged filming from the water’s surface. The 360˚ Underwater Toy Action Cam encourages children to record precious memories through a playful form of filming.


atmoSphere is an immersive musical experience that uses spatial, audio and haptic feedback.

Wearing headphones and holding the atmoSphere engages the user in a cross-modal experience – the interaction between two or more senses – to create a feeling of immersion. The combination of hearing and touch sensations stimulates the qualities of an immense sound environment.


Tracer is a robotic trash bin that regulates its location according to time and place.

Designed to serve events or busy public spaces, Tracer is designed to respond to the population of an area. While trash bins are typically located at immovable stations, Tracer can mobilise, allowing people to discard trash immediately, reducing the temptation to litter. When the population of an area lowers, Tracer returns to its dock to charge and perform preparatory work. Inspired by the movement of Pac-Man, and his rapid consumption of Pac-Dots, Tracer’s automated hunting of trash paves the way for a future of clean and healthy public spaces.

Wudu Drop

Wudu Drop is a portable system that allows Muslims to conveniently perform wudu, a form of ritual cleansing, in public places.

Wudu Drop provides users with a stock of easily transportable water capsules. Users puncture the capsule’s outer membrane to access the water within. The water can then be used to discreetly wash the hands, mouth, nostrils, arms, head, and feet. The project is inspired by the difficulties many Muslim travelers encounter when attempting to perform wudu in public places, including the wasting of water, the misunderstanding of non-Muslim observers, and the ergonomic challenges faced by disabled users.


Nina is a product system that uses nano and advanced x-ray technology to improve breast cancer diagnostics and the experience of mammography.

Through nano-technology, the Nina system enables smaller x-rays, reducing safety hazards and creating a closer connection between patient and nurse. Nina also employs light, friendly forms and improved comfort of use, encouraging feelings of safety and relaxation during the procedure of diagnosis. The inclusive space and comforting design of Nina reinvents the mammography machine, creating a welcoming and user-friendly environment, thus enhancing patient experience.

Solar Lamp for Rural India

The Solar Lamp for Rural India is alternative solution to current, government-issued study lamps in rural India.

Storing and converting solar energy to be used during the dark hours, this multi-purpose light source improves upon the restricted use of the conventional solar lamp, while reducing both the manufacturing and maintenance costs by approximately 60%. The Solar Lamp for Rural India provides economic and environmentally sustainable lighting that can improve the conditions of a large part of the Indian population.


KooKoo is a seven-second timer designed to help indecisive users make intuitive decisions.

The concept was inspired by studies conducted at the Max Planck Institute that found that decisions are made seven seconds before conscious awareness. By pulling the device’s string, the user activates the short timer and prompts instinctive decisions devoid of unnecessary hesitation and over-analysis. Utilising your unconscious’s ability to make reasoned choices, KooKoo encourages intuitive decisions in an age defined by excessive choice.

Water Filter Bottle for CRPF Jawans

Water Filter Bottle for CRPF Jawans is a manual water purifier designed for soldiers on the march in remote areas.

The bottle contains a pump-based water filter designed to be lightweight, durable, and soundless. The bottle’s base houses its water filter and pump. When the soldier reaches a contaminated water source, he opens the base and immerses the filter in the water source. He then hand-cranks to pump clean, filtered water into the bottle. After pumping, he removes the filter from the water source, winds it up and secures it in the base. The soldier then snaps the base back onto the bottle and opens the cap to drink.