On the Skin

Miners often suffer from muscular and skeletal damage over the course of their work lives, with back and shoulder injuries being particularly common.

On the Skin is a protective shirt that supports and restrains the upper body to ensure that the wearer maintains correct posture at work, reducing the risk of injury. A lightweight harness over the shoulders and chest ensure that weight is evenly distributed over the body, while the lower back protection supports muscles and reduces tension when force and movement are applied.

Visualizing Divergent Potential

The project is a novel data visualisation technique used to study how perception influences divergent thinking.

Using an Artificial Intelligence to rapidly dissect and classify raw natural language, a three-dimensional model can be constructed based on the words used by each tested individual in response to a given brief. The resulting constellation is representative of the individual’s perceptual model for a distinct artefact and can be used to forecast their relative ability to think creatively when generating new ideas around that artefact.”

Appartus for social density

The United Nations has estimated that by 2050 two-thirds of the global population will live in urban areas.

Living at high-density can aggravate a number of stress factors, placing a renewed importance on fostering positive connections between both individuals and communities. Apparatus for Social Density is a collaborative design project that invites strangers to come together and share in the production and consumption of food in an improvised urban setting. By creating a sense of conviviality, conversations can emerge and connections be made, helping participants to learn to live together more agreeably.

Chained-Function Waveguide Filter for 5G and Beyond

To support the tremendous demands on mobile data traffic, researchers are motivated to overcome the global bandwidth shortage by exploring the under-utilised millimetre-wave frequency spectrum.

A millimetre-wave communication system has a large bandwidth, which can be exploited to provide a fast data transfer rate up to multi-gigabits per second. However, as millimetre-wave filters operate in a higher frequency band, they are highly sensitive to component value variations, resulting in complex and expensive manufacturing processes. The Chained-Function Waveguide Filter offers a robust and compact filter with reduced sensitivity to manufacturing errors, providing a low-cost and reliable solution to achieving sustainable filter synthesis for 5G and beyond.

Ugly Perfection

The Food Agriculture Organisation has announced that world hunger is on the rise, yet it is estimated that one-third of all food produced globally is lost or goes to waste.

Sellers and buyers alike expect fruit and vegetables to have a perfect appearance, with any irregularities leading to the item being thrown away. Ugly Perfect is a branding campaign that encourages shoppers to buy ‘imperfect’ fruit and vegetables, presenting misshapen items as responsible and desirable purchases. Consisting of a series of packaging designs and advertisements, the campaign makes an emotional call to buyers to play their part in stemming food waste without compromising on choice or quality.

Foodiea Market

Foodiea Market is a sustainable market proposal to invigorate community life in rural China.

Through the process of urbanisation many young people in China have migrated to cities, causing regional street life- and the economy and culture it represents- to decline. Foodiea Market proposes bringing local people and designers together to create a new food brand to celebrate the richness of rural cuisine. Floating platforms are brought together for festivals, creating a novel and sustainable platform for the community to come together.


Type One Diabetes is a life-threatening chronic disease common in children and adolescents.

Egypt has almost a quarter of all diabetic children in the Middle East and North Africa region, yet many people fail to understand the high care standards and lifestyle changes needed to manage the disease. HI-LO is an application that uses a gaming approach to teach children to manage their own food consumption, blood glucose levels and exercise regime. Daily goals are set to encourage the child to take ownership of their health, offering encouragement and support in a sustained and playful way.


Many families struggle with end of life planning conversations.

Yet these are vital discussions that help ensure people can live life the way they want through to the end. Lifely is a website with interactive exercises designed to help adults have end-of-life planning conversations with their parents. Covering subjects such as medical experiences and attitudes, religion and culture, as well as daily realities and external stakeholders, the exercises help users gain a better understanding of their parents’ values and priorities, empowering them to make decisions on their behalf in future.


Volta is a Virtual and Augmented Reality application for music producers and artists.

It allows users to easily mix spatial audio and expressively create new music through physical interactions. The project was inspired by the rise in virtual reality music experiences, with companies such as Live Nation increasingly using online virtual reality platforms such as videogames to broadcast live concerts in virtual reality across the world.


Audi In is a two-part transport system for people with limited mobility.

Comprised of a wheelchair and car, the integrated system departs from the usual medical aesthetic of mobility devices and offers a confident and elegant mode of transport. A retractable platform allows the wheelchair to easily enter and exit the car, whose minimal interior includes a retractable headrest, haptic user interface surfaces, and a holographic floor-mounted light projector. While the wheelchair enters the car in a forward-facing position, once inside it can be rotated 180 degrees and put into a reclining position for maximum comfort.

Deep Affinity Lab

The Deep Affinity Lab is a social speculation laboratory designed to develop intelligent machines and interfaces with a focus on ecological empathy, understanding and connectivity.

Activities so far have included a series of immersive experiences, workshops, and games to explore how new ecologically intelligent minds- whether natural or artificial- can be created. The current focus of the lab is on sharing Future Minds, a game designed to let audiences play with the future of intelligence.

Platform Ulu

Ulu is a system of floating units developed for marine species farming, also known as aquaculture.

The project explores the potential of open sea fish farming systems as a sustainable alternative to the current exploitation of marine resources. The system would allow for 3.5 tons of farmable species to be produced within a 750m2 area, drastically reducing the amount of fish that would need to be caught from the wild.