Public transport is problematic area for pandemics as some level of contact with the vehicle is almost inevitable.

Product Handl is a portable, easy-to-use grip handle for public transport users to avoid direct contact with possible contaminated surfaces, mitigating the spread of diseases.

The Farewell Suit

At peak contagion times, hospitals have been obliged to deny entrance of family members to say goodbye to their loved ones.

The Farewell Suit proposes a new type of hazard suit, fully compliant with hospitals’ sanitary norms, to allow family members of dying patients to say goodbye, in the most humane way possible.


One of the solutions to cope with lack of health care supplies is to develop reusable materials.

Project Germinator identified photoactive materials that act against viruses when exposed to light, which can be applied to silicone – so gloves can be produced with three key components in times of COVID-19: disinfection, re-usability and functionality. It can be re-exposed to photoactive material and regain its disinfection properties continuously.


How do we help the homeless in times of social isolation?

Project Folk creates a community box where basic items can be listed and fulfilled by people from a community, who can deposit their donations every time they go for their authorised visit to the supermarket.

3P App

A global effort against pandemics is made all the more difficult due to the asymmetry between healthcare systems.

Looking in to the future of the fight against pandemics, project 3P App proposes a world-wide database of patients, accessible to healthcare professionals globally, enabling quicker identification and mapping of diseases that can evolve into epidemics

Fresh Tracker

How to help people organize the storage of fresh and pantry items in a convenient and hygienic way?

Assisting people to have a more efficient and hygienic way to organise their food stock, project Fresh Tracker offers a set of smart stickers that link to an app, tracking information such as expiring purchase date of fresh items.


The need for self-isolation is forcing families with children to re-imagine their daily routine and come up with new ways to punctuate the passing days.

Coco, a weekly logbook and magazine, enables activity and task planning, allowing parents to keep their children entertained in a organised way, whilst discussing topics surrounding the pandemic in a child-appropriate way.


Lifeline is a set of temporary smart tattoos which colour changes based on time passed since last hand sanitation.

Using humidity sensitive colour, it acts as a visual indicator, reminding users to sanitise their hands whenever they are about to eat or touch their faces, for example.

Solar Tunnel

The lack of direct sunlight can lead to various physical and mental health consequences.

Solar Tunnel channels sunlight from building roofs to interior spaces of densely built environments, through tubes made of reflective materials, providing natural light within living spaces.


Certain items are particularly difficult to source during the pandemic and some remote areas are struggling to secure essential supplies.

HYGIE is a solution to distribute an essentials’ kit to remote communities, including masks, hydroalcoholic gels and disinfectant as well as an informative newsletter via drone-delivery.


Busy travellers and people with complex agendas have to contact dozens, if not hundreds, of companies to cancel, reschedule and be reimbursed for a variety of bookings.

CoAlert is an aggregator of all COVID-19 updates from companies involved in reservations, flights and events all around the world. It allows users to search for all their pending, cancelled and upcoming reservations in one single place, receiving real-time updates from the companies, as well as creating a helpline to resolve cancellation issues.

Wheeler Hub

How to support the street food movement while keeping citizens safe?

Wheeler Hub projects puts food trucks at the community’s service, providing self-isolated people the opportunity to shop from right outside their door, from repurposed food trucks; while enabling vendors to stay in business, by becoming a mobile seller of food and other household necessities.