# 2016

WOW Ring


A video game controller designed to fight addiction

WOW Ring is a wearable game controller designed to encourage a wider range of motion when playing video games. The device combines a movement detection interface with game controlling capabilities that allow for new gesture-based game play. The device also includes embedded parental control and time management functions that discourage excessively long periods of uninterrupted play and work to treat gaming addiction.

Wudi Hong

  • Rhode Island School of Design

    Master of Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), United States, Bachelor of Architecture at Shenzhen University, China,, and Exchange student to Polytechnic University of Milan (Polimi), Italy With strong background in Architecture studying and working experience, Wudi Hong decided to make a transition to an Industrial Designer by enrolled in Master of Industrial Design program from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Wudi interested human centered design concerning people and environment’s hot topic. And he especially interested in Production Design and Interface Design which can both solve problems and raise public awareness.more

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