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Turn the web into a tool for learning a new language

WENSTEP is an immersive language-learning tool that integrates seamlessly into daily life by automatically substituting web content into the language learned, at a suitable competency level. In doing so, it helps to reinforce previously known vocabulary and teaches new words and structures in context. WENSTEP consists of a web-based learning application, a browser plug-in and a mobile application. Having the entire learning journey available distinguishes WENSTEP learners from those who self-teach or spend on expensive classes.

Shuxin Cheng

  • Royal College of Art

    Shuxin Cheng is a London-based multidisciplinary designer and communications specialist with a passion for connecting cultures and educating. Her prior work includes a number of communications and wellness-related wearables, haptic communication tools, and sharing platforms. She will be commercially launching Wenstep and enjoys collaborating with those from many backgrounds.more

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