# 2018



Grow your own shoes

Weave is a prosthetic hand for children and teenagers who are still growing. Thanks to 3D printing and its modular system, Weave users are provided with various hands for specific activities. A key feature is an adjustable mechanism in the socket that uses the principle of weaving to ensure a reliable attachment to different stumps. Weave was developed in collaboration with the startup-firm SwissProsthetics through a process of intensive user testing.

Laurin Schaffner

  • Laurin Schaffner
    Zurich University of the Arts

    Laurin Schaffner is a Swiss Designer and trained carpenter. In his design work he combines his technical and visual skills to create useful and longlasting products. While working in countries such as Switzerland, Japan, India and Sweden he gained experience in various design studios. Aside from further developing his graduation project at SwissProsthetics, Laurin is an assistant teacher at the Industrial Department at Zurich University of the Arts.more


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