# 2015

Water Reaction


An organic architectural material that changes with the weather

Water Reaction is an organic architectural surface that reacts to water by curling inward into various geometric shapes, revealing a colored surface underneath. Applied to building scale, this shape-shifting material subtly transforms into a brightly patterned facade on rainy days. This work is part of a series of explorations into how the built environment can mimic the responsiveness and flexibility found in nature.

Chao Chen

  • Chao Chen
    Royal College of Art

    Chao chen is a product designer currently graduated from royal college of art. Before being in london, chao learnt industrial design in jiangnan university, china. He founded up spring design studio with his tutor. During design practices, he was involved in various commission and concept designs, thus trained himself to be a t-shape designer with curiosity in sundry disciplines. With rational thinking based on design research; clear goals aimed to problem solving; and elegant design language for visual expression, chao is carrying on his design journey.more


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