# 2016



This app is designed to wreck your routine and add adventure to your life

Unloop is a chaotic lifestyle platform with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that intuitively excites your monotonous lifestyle. Unloop’s AI learns about the user, creates a unique personality profile, and then uses this profile to propose activities, experiences, places, and connections. From booking surprise tickets to a rock concert to making connections with new people who might want to try something adventurous, to subtler interactions like food and music suggestions, Unloop can alter your life as you know it.

Noach Ben-Haim

  • Noach Ben-Haim
    Royal College of Art

    Noach Ben-Haim, recent graduate from the double masters program, MSc and MA in Innovation Design Engineerig, at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. Turning his interests to the world of Invention, Design, and Engineering. Shifting away from his undergraduate education, BEng in Mechanical Engineering, to more human centred design and experiences.more



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