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Make any smartphone accessible to amputees

TypeCase is an all-in-one gestural keyboard that allows people with diverse disabilities to operate a smartphone more efficiently and smoothly. The project synthesizes and condenses the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, facilitating effortless use with just one hand. Condensing a keyboard down from 50 buttons to just five, the user can press combinations or ‘chords’ of buttons to type. By embedding this technology into phone covers, TypeCase frees up the whole screen, permits typing without looking, and reintroduces physical feedback when typing on phones. Although initially designed for one-handed users such as amputees and stroke victims, the potential value of TypeCase could extend to the blind by providing them with a physical typing mechanism.

Dougie Mann

  • Royal College of Art

    Dougie is a Mechanical Engineer and Designer who loves to create things that are not just fun, but are also functional. He believes that design and engineering exists to serve society and improve lives. With an interest in human physiology and ergonomics, he is looking to work within interactive technology, wearables and consumer electronics, and push the field of engineering towards an art. If he is not answering his phone right now, he is probably biking, hiking, snowboarding or surfing.more

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