# 2017

The Reagiro


First ever wheelchair with manual steering

The Reagiro is a manual wheelchair that engages the upper body as a steering tool. As opposed to the slow and labour-intensive stop-and-turn method, The Reagiro offers an intuitive motion technique. Linking a backrest that tilts side-to-side with the wheelchair’s front wheel, the user leans to generate the turn. By freeing the use of their hands, the design enables wheelchair users to hold items such as smartphones or umbrellas. The device’s core components are 3D-printed to ensure an individual fit and maximum comfort. By reforming the manual wheelchair, The Reagiro adds an organic and adventurous rhythm to the user’s everyday experience.

Reto Togni

  • Reto Togni
    Royal College of Art

    Reto is a Swiss Designer with a wide variety of interests. He believes that shaping products is intrinsically tied to shaping behaviours which is the reason why an in-depth understanding of social dynamics is a fundamental aspect in his industrial design practice. Apart from product design engineering, his career straddles the worlds of crafts, technology, teaching and research exploring different aspects of materials cultures. He studied at Zurich University of the Arts as well as at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London and through that has never lost, but strengthened, his fascination for some of the most mundane and obvious things that surround us in our everyday lives.more

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