# 2019

The Justice Collection


A catwalk collection in which Fashion is under trial

The Justice Collection is a tongue-in-cheek catwalk show, in which the fashion industry is publicly prosecuted for ethical misdemeanours. The scene is set in the courtroom, where Fashion is being charged over its lack of sustainability and mistreatment of workers. Each design aims to convey the tension between ethical practice and consumerism while the central motif of the collection was inspired by the floor mosaics of Otranto’s cathedral in Italy, where vivid colours are paired with graphic portrayals of emotion.

Nathaniel Mackie

  • Nathaniel Mackie
    Ravensbourne University London

    Graduating with a degree in Fashion design, I am a London designer that specialises in menswear tailoring. Marrying romantic silhouettes with masculine form, my aim is to disrupt the usual ideas of how men typically dress, in colour and form, in a way that can still allow the expression of masculinity. I have previously lived in Antwerp interning for Ann Demeulemeester and is part of the transnational art collective 'Blue'.more

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