# 2017

The Food Chain


Hanging plants for urban gardening

The Food Chain is a modular, home growing system designed to combat the problems of food insecurity and the disconnection from nature caused by urbanization. The system is composed to two elements – a hanging garden and a subscription-based service that provides users with everything needed to grow a specific plant. The Food Chain Hanging Garden uses natural light and an auto watering system to grow vegetables in small apartments. Users cultivate their hanging gardens by installing Grow Pods, pre-packed mixtures of seeds, soil and fertilizer, distributed through a delivery service on a subscription basis. When it is time to harvest a plant, the exhausted pod is mixed with food scraps and returned to the “pod factory” where it is used to make nutrient-rich soil for new pods. By reimagining the act of cultivating food, The Food Chain provides the opportunity for people with limited space, time, and knowledge of agriculture to grow their own vegetables.

Evan Huggins

  • Evan Huggins
    Pratt Institute

    Evan Huggins a strategic problem solver who addresses the big picture through product and service design. By playing with materiality, form, and user experience, and by collaborating with key stakeholders, he builds creative solutions and proposes alternative futures. As a recent graduate of Pratt Institute’s Masters of Industrial Design program, Evan is versed in hand-built formal iteration, 3D modeling, digital fabrication, physical computing, graphic design and visual storytelling. His current area of research focuses on the role of the human body in a highly automated, data-driven society. In addition to his experience as a designer, Evan holds a BA in English Literature from The Colorado College and is experienced in project management in the education sector where he developed and led community service trips to Ghana and Tanzania. An avid maker and explorer, Evan has lived in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, San Francisco, Jackson Hole, and New York City.more

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