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Portable stretcher for soldiers

Telestretch is an innovative, expandable spinal board that enables medics to evacuate wounded soldiers from the battlefield more quickly. Casualties suffering spinal injuries require immediate isolation of the neck and immobilisation of the spine, and Telestretch is designed to facilitate the immediate treatment of such injuries. Measuring 30 x 45 cm when compacted, the board has arms that extend to match the height of the soldier, an improvement on the army’s current fabric stretcher. The board then connects to mounts on the soldier’s body armour and helmet, locking the spinal column in a straight line. When attached to the standard military issue daypack, Telestretch is easily transportable, increasing the chance of immediate treatment.

Kieran Moralee

  • Nottingham Trent University

    Kieran Moralee was born and raised in Norfolk, growing up in a rural location allowed him to have space to let his creativity blossom, always making something new or coming up with unique, problem solving designs. This passion then became something he was recognised as being good at and after studying Product Design at GCSE and A Level he chose to go on to study BA Product Design at Nottingham Trent University were his passion became a career. Kieran continuities to be a keen sportsman, participating in many different sports to a personal and competitive standard alongside his time in the Army reserves. This inspires him to have a keen eye for problem solving in this field in order to create simple solutions to problems he has faced within these disciplines.more

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