# 2016

Tasty Mandarin Phonetic Symbols


Learn Chinese by studying food

Tasty Mandarin Phonetic Symbols is a set of educational materials designed to help beginners grasp the fundaments of Chinese by introducing them to the Mandarin phonetic symbols in an unusual and memorable way. Each symbol replicates a common Taiwanese snack; the connection of food to language makes it more memorable. When the user encounters these snacks in daily life, the site will trigger a memory of the symbol, reinforcing and advancing the educational process.

I-Chen Huang

  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

    I-Chen is a communication designer who is from Taiwan. She got a master degree and graduated from the department of Commercial Design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. She has got some International Design Award including IF Design Award, Reddot Design Award and ADAA Design Award. She also has been an intern of Australia being a graphic designer.more

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