# 2017



Adventure bike/scooter for ski resorts lacking snow

Squamat is a multi-purpose, electric vehicle for mountain sports. The project is inspired by climate change and the decreasing amount of falling snow on mountain resorts. In response, Squamat seeks to replicate the thrill of conventional snow sports with a wheeled vehicle. The vehicle’s movement imitates that of reptiles, and engages the body to steer, as is typical in snow sports. Users can also switch between a seated position, like a snowmobile, or a vertical stance resembling that of cross-country skiing. Capable of year-round use, the vehicle would also allow mountain resorts to diversify the activities they offer to visitors. Squamat initiates a new category in vehicle design, one that embraces the post-climate change environment.

Alexandre Larnac

  • Alexandre Larnac
    L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique

    After an advanced diploma (BTS) in Product Design and a stint in the International Class majoring in Brand Design, Alexandre joined the Master’s program in Design and Innovation Management in apprenticeship. His four-year work-study scheme in the French company MX/Mailleux and Ingenico Group enabled him to discover and broaden his creative skills and gain knowledge both in uses and in industrial processes. The iPOS project – modular payment machine for small traders – which he was involved in during his apprenticeship at Ingenico Group, was accredited at l’Observeur du design 2017. Today he has opted to set up his own company in order to come up with innovative solutions for tomorrow’s users.more


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