# 2017

Smile Mirror


Mirror that only works when you smile at it

Smile Mirror is a smart and emotional mirror that allows users to see themselves only when they smile. Initially designed for cancer patients, Smile Mirror aims to remind and encourage people to smile more often, and to view themselves smiling. Studies show that making a facial expression such as a smile can produce effects on the body that are similar to those resulting from the smile’s associated emotion of happiness. Through the combination of a glass mirror, a camera to detect facial movement, and a processor board, Smile Mirror automates a therapeutic practice by providing a new way for people to express our most positive and loving selves.

Berk Ilhan

  • Berk Ilhan
    School of Visual Arts

    Berk Ilhan is a New York based product and experience designer, who uses innovation as a pillar to cultivate delightful experiences via novel and meaningful interactions. His design recipe involves rigorous primary research, holistic system modeling, latent need identification, participatory design, empathy, play, minimalism, and chasing wild dreams by pushing against accustomed constraints. Berk’s design work has been recognized by 13 international design awards including the prestigious iF Design Award, International Design Excellence Award (IDEA), Red Dot Best of the Best Award, International Design Award (IDA), and A’ Design Award. Berk is an alumnus of SVA (School of Visual Arts), MFA Products of Design Program in New York, and he holds an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Middle East Technical University, Ankara. Currently, Berk leads innovation and strategy processes for client and venture projects at 10XBeta within Brooklyn’s new innovation hub, New Lab.more

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