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A smart stamp that joins our digital and physical lives

Sello is an intelligent pattern-changing stamp that connects your personal digital cloud to your physical workspace. Even in this digital age, we still rely on physical notes, especially when we are thinking, conceiving and planning. The Sello digital stamp allows you to combine digital and analogue information in one place to provide a richer, smarter and more tangible experience.

Wei-Che Chang

  • Wei-Che Chang
    Royal College of Art

    Wei-Che is a design engineer from Taiwan who graduates from the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme of the Royal College of Art in London. Wei-Che is especially interested in interaction design, especially the interaction between humans, physical products and the digital world surrounding us, as well as the complex issues related to this interaction. Wei-Che believes that interaction design is like the process of conceiving a harmonious and touching novel between humans and objects. 2015 Selected fellowship of InnovationRCA supported by James Dyson Foudation 2015 IDA International Design Award - Bronze Prizemore


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