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This glove gives you superpowers

Raiden is a prototype of a “superpower glove” that explores the possibilities of augmenting technologies and harnessing the supernatural. By using a series of Tesla coil drivers, Raiden provides an exoskeleton for hands and arms that allows up to 12,000 volts of raw electricity to spark from its user's fingers. Having energy at our fingertips makes it possible to eliminate our reliance on batteries, thus creating an opportunity for a more sustainable product life cycle where one battery fits all.

Kourosh Atefipour

  • Kourosh Atefipour
    Royal College of Art

    Kourosh has completed studying Innovation design engineering at the famous Royal College of Arts and Imperial College in London were he trained in an intense double Master’s course graduating with the highest of honours achieving a distinction in the field of Design and Engineering. Kourosh loves technology and he is obsessed with all things new and shiny. His background comes from Product and Industrial design engineering and was taken on-board as a water Civil Engineer for a few years where he pioneered UK’s water pump station designs for the next decade since starting with Pims and Xylem back in 2012. His future has taken a more side role with water engineering and has an ambition to pursue his design engineering skills in a more innovative way dealing with visionary ideals, Future trends and technological solutions. His experiences with technology date back to when he studied and worked with Nokia during his Bachelors’ where he had his first taste of consumer electronics on a global scale. When he is not in front of a sketchbook, Kourosh enjoys diving into Video games and catching up on Japanese Art and culture.more

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