# 2016

Puzzle Zoo


Invent new animals and imagine how they live

Puzzle Zoo is a game based on modular wooden pieces of nine pre-defined animals and one pre-defined human form, from here the pieces can be mixed and matched to create a huge range of hybrid creatures. The pieces’ silicone joints allow the free movement and articulation of each character’s body parts and hold them in the user’s chosen position. Puzzle Zoo aims to help the development of children’s fine motor skills and creativity.

Valeria Tapia

  • Valeria Tapia
    Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

    "I am a peruvian industrial designer with a great desire to improve people’s quality of life and believe that the key for this is to listen, observe, understand and get to know the user in the most genuine way possible. I have a great penchant for design for social impact, I think this aspect awakens the most human part of me as a designer and together with empathy and the principles of design thinking help me accomplish the real goal, create for others, and therefore understand what do others really need or desire. Another of my passions is the design for children; I believe that their education, their values and their personality, are the future. Their innocence and authenticity, their creative potential and vast imagination are things we must help strengthen and avoid them losing it on their way to adulthood."more


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