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Project Circleg


Prosthetics made from used plastic

Circleg is a low-cost prosthetic designed for amputees in developing countries. This project uses recycled plastic waste and simple production methods that are commonly available around the world. Circleg’s modular design makes it simple and inexpensive to customize and repair. By using plastic waste as a raw material for prosthetics, Project Circleg responds to both social and environmental needs.


  • Fabian Engel & Simon Oschwald

    Fabian Engel & Simon Oschwald

    Zurich University of the Arts

    Fabian and Simon are two Swiss industrial designer with a wide variety of interests. During their studies, they developed a passion for design topics far away from wealthy and developed Switzerland. Within their work, they aim to create a positive impact and wish to make a difference by using design. Project Circleg started as an industrial design bachelor degree project at the Zurich University of the Arts in March 2018. At the beginning of the project, Fabian and Simon were interested in plastic waste and the idea of creating a meaningful product out of this resource. The design of a low-cost leg prosthesis made of recycled plastic waste simultaneously met this requirement on a social, economic and ecological level. This complexity fulfills also their excitement as designers and the motivation to further develop Project Circleg.more

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