# 2016

Project Canary


Communicate with your coworkers and stay aware of their safety

Project Canary is a unified system of task information and threat awareness designed to streamline workplace safety information delivery. The project integrates existing practices while providing a new system foundation that incorporates safety and productivity management, so that users can receive task information, safety feedback, and accurate personal threat awareness warnings via a single device. The system is customisable, can monitor an entire network of devises and provide feedback on exposure to potential dangers.

Aidan Mason Pattinson

  • Aidan Mason Pattinson
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

    Aidan Pattinson is a Melbourne based Industrial Designer within the space of consumer and connected products. He has a prominent interest for the impact connected or 'Internet of things' devices can have on a user's everyday life and hopes to explore this area of design in the future. Aidan graduated from RMIT University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design(Honours) (first class honours). His final year of study focused on information sharing and visualisation within a safety product. This is presented in the research text 'Project Canary', an exploration into how the emerging field of Internet of Things may manifest in a workplace safety product. During final years of study, Aidan began his design career at 'Studio Proper', a boutique Product Design studio producing highly functional products designed to enhance a user's interaction with Apple products. Since graduating he has moved into a more formal role in the rapidly growing company.more

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