# 2016



Print on walls like you print on paper

Printtex is a mobile “wall-printer” that prints desired motifs on vertical surfaces. The design is based on two coordinate-sensors that limit the printing area to a space defined on the user’s laptop or tablet. Once an image is uploaded and positioned within the print area, the printer prints each colour tone separately. The user glides the Printtex over a wall segment to print. To verify and ensure quality, an optical sensor and a distance sensor are integrated into the design.

Benjamin Loinger

  • Benjamin Loinger
    University of Applied Sciences (FH) Joanneum

    I'm 25 years old and a graphic & industrial designer, from Austria. Currently, I study Industrial Design at the FH Joanneum in Graz. My studies allow me to push myself, my products and my abilities. Out of that I learn new tools and new methods to develop my works. My strengths are drawing, graphics, craftsmanship, and 3D models.more


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