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A safe cooking device for young campers

While many young people enjoy camping and outdoor activities, using gas bottles and cookers with open flames can sometimes feel intimidating. Pokai is a drink bottle that uses a rechargeable battery to easily and safely boil two cups of water, the usual amount required to reconstitute a dehydrated meal for two. The one-litre bottle contains an immersion-like coil that heats the water inside when connected to the portable battery. The battery can be topped up by solar charge throughout the day, while a USB port also allows users to charge their electronic devices in an emergency.

Alice Thompson

  • Alice Thompson
    Auckland University of Technology

    Alice Thompson is in her third year of a Bachelor of Design majoring in Industrial design at Auckland University of Technology. She has a passion for considerate design and is deeply engaged in the role it can play in effecting social and environmental progress. Her work has been recognised at a national level in two consecutive years in the New Zealand Best Awards. Combining her love for problem solving and learning she hopes to utilise her skills across a broad range of industries and contexts.more


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