# 2016



A plan to activate unfinished buildings

Parasitism is a temporary architecture designed to add life to unfinished buildings. In Dubai and cities around the world, the frames of half-finished buildings stand unused. This project proposes a strategy for activating these buildings by installing in them a temporary 'parasite' structure. The structure is designed to host an open and flexible cultural hub that provides a free space for people to meet, play, and work. The parasitic structure lives in its dead host, giving it life until the host building's owner is ready to continue construction.

Latifa Younis

  • Latifa Younis
    American University in Dubai (AUD)

    I am Latifa Younis. I am 22 and I'm from the UAE. I've studied architecture and recently graduated from the American University in Dubai. I am an artist and I've loved art all my life. I sketch, paint, and sometimes do sculptures. The reason I chose the architecture major was because it was close to art, and I ended up falling in love with it. Throughout the 5 years of studying architecture, I developed a love for photography and editing. It's mostly the editing part that I loved. I taught myself Photoshop and I became very good at it. I've used it a lot in rendering my building projects. I can say my style in designing building is very artistic, as this project (parasitism) shows. I hope to work more with mixing art and architecture in the future.more


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