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A visualisation tool to help identify and communicate pain symptoms

Pain’t is an app that allows patients to document and describe their pain. They can illustrate their pain in real time by marking relevant areas on a silhouette of a human body, allowing them to specify the duration and intensity of their symptoms. An aggregation of these entries helps patients to create their own ‘PainScape’, which shows where their pain is manifesting. The app provides a summary of the patient’s predominant and minute pain areas – making it easier for doctors to understand the patient’s experience.

Rhea Bhandari

  • Rhea Bhandari
    School of Visual Arts

    Rhea is a product designer and design strategist, interested in amalgamating science, technology, and design to produce human centered solutions. She is interested in understanding and designing for systems in the healthcare field. She comes from the colorful, dramatic and challenging country of India, is a sports enthusiast and a Bollywood dance instructor.more

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