# 2017

Optimisation of point pressures


A leap towards personalized prosthetics

The Optimisation of Point Pressures proposes a new, more flexible and comfortable way to design prosthetic limbs. Interviews and research into the discomfort of lower limb prosthetics revealed that it was primarily a result of rigidity in the prosthetic socket. The flexible socket of the Optimisation of Point Pressures project relieves typically sensitive areas of remaining limbs by improving the weight distribution during the walking process. This elimination of point pressures uses information collected from MRI scans of the user's limb, allowing for a design that can be varied according to individual pressure points. This research further establishes the potential of personalized, 3D-printed prosthetics that respond the each user’s needs.

Olga Synyakevych

  • Olga Synyakevych
    School of Form

    I am Ukrainian, a recent graduate from Industrial design at School of Form, Poznan, Poland. Studies influenced my understanding of human needs as the key inspiration for design. After work on my bachelor thesis I feel interested in designing products for close interaction with human body to enhance its possibilities. I am on my way to find the right balance between practical, ergonomic and aesthetic aspects of design. Design process is also important, I like both bottom up and top down approaches, which often lead to unpredictable workflow results. I found myself in ID sketching, manual prototyping and 3D modelling, I like using CNC machines, 3D printer as well as working by hand.more

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