# 2017

Myo Five


Toy-like prosthetic hand for kids

Myo Five is an upper limb prosthesis adapted for children aged between 6 and 18. The design uses the electric properties of muscles to power itself. These natural electric impulses charge electronic joints that contract and expand the fingers without the use of an external power source. The outside of the Myo Five can be easily customized, providing a less intimidating alternative to conventional prosthetics.

Aina Morell

  • Aina Morell
    UPC BarcelonaTECH

    My name’s Aina Morell and I’m from Mallorca but now I’m living in Vic, Barcelona. This year I’ve finished my high studies at ESEIAAT, where I’ve studied Industrial Design Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, two disciplines that combine effort, multitasking innovation and efficiency. In addition, I’ve also worked in a sheet metal components manufacturing company named Mat Kontak S.L. in the mechanical department designing the folded dies mainly. Finally, this September I’m starting to course the Master in Product and Design Development at ELISAVA University (Barcelona).more

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