# 2017



Lower cost limbic chair for domestic use

Moove is an ergonomic office chair designed to stimulate the emotional centre of the brain and enhance energy, focus and creativity. Inspired by Dr. Patrik Künzler’s Limbic Chair, Moove adapts many of its features while providing a more elegant aesthetic at a lower cost. Like the Limbic Chair, Moove incorporates a seat division that allows each thigh to move individually, enabling the user a physical pliability more natural to the body than conventionally static seating positions. Drawing on the heritage of affordable plywood chairs, Moove provides a warm and medically beneficial alternative to the common office chair.

Yasunori Morinaga

  • ECAL, Lausanne University of Art and Design

    Yasunori Morinaga was born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Yasunori received his Bachelor in Architecture from Musashino Art University in Tokyo. After working at a Swiss design studio, he joined the Master Product Design programme at ECAL. He received his Master degree in 2017. Yasunori notably designed various chairs during his study, which were simply made from standard aluminium and wooden profiles.more

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